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The Paper Challenge on Project Runway

by pleatfarmer on September 20, 2009

I was pretty stoked about the ‘Paper Challenge’ during last week’s Project Runway in which the designers were asked to create a look using newspapers as fabric.
There are definitely some pleats and origami influences amongst the predominantly ‘decoupage‘-d garments. I like the fun factor in Shirin‘s signature scalloping paper dress. Ra’mon‘s paper separates incorporates origami folds, and pleating details can be seen on Logan‘s paper cocktail dress. I also like the voluminous collars and sleeves on Irina‘s trench coat which hold zillions of scrunched-up paper – a painstaking feat in itself – and her dress won the judges’ praises that night!

Shirin’s paper dress

Project-Runway-process 2
Shirin hard at work on her dress

Ra’mon’s paper dress

Carol-Hannah’s paper dress

Irina’s winning design

Irina gluing each scrunched paper on her coat sleeve

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